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Property Tax
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The information provided is believed to be reliable, however, its content cannot be guaranteed and should not be relied upon for legal purposes.

The owner information will reflect the data on the most recent tax statement.

How To Search

The search engine below allows you to perform searches by address or property ID/parcel #. To generate high-quality results follow the tips below.

•To search by address, enter as little as possible while still giving enough to narrow down the number of responses. Using only the house number will generate a list of properties to choose from.

•To search by property ID/parcel #, enter the entire string of numbers with or without the dashes. The parcel number is located on your property tax statements.

•On the results page, you will need to click on the desired address or property ID/parcel number to retrieve information.

REMINDER: Enter as little as possible in address field. (see above for instructions)

All properties with outstanding 2012 real estate taxes must include an additional $50 service fee with payment

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