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National Weather Service Missouri River Gage Hydrograph
National Weather Service (Bismarck Office)
National Weather Service Website

River Observations

Apple Creek near Menoken
Missouri River at Bismarck
Missouri River below Mandan

United States Geological Survey Missouri River Gage Hydrograph
United States Geological Survey (USGS)
Water Watch--Current water resource conditions
Apple Creek near Menoken
Burnt Creek near Bismarck
Hay Creek at Main Avenue in Bismarck
Missouri River at Bismarck
Drainage Ditch at Wachter Avenue, Bismarck
Missouri River below Mandan

USGS WaterAlert
The U.S. Geological Survey WaterAlert service sends e-mail or text messages when certain parameters measured by a USGS data-collection station exceed user-definable thresholds. The development and maintenance of the WaterAlert system is supported by USGS and its data-collection partners, including numerous federal, state, and local agencies.

Real-time data from USGS gages are transmitted via satellite or other telemetry to USGS offices at various intervals; in most cases, once every 1 or 4 hours. Emergency transmissions, such as during floods, may be more frequent. Notifications will be based on the data received at these site-dependent intervals

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Picture of the Garrison Dam
Garrison Dam on the Missouri River near Pick City, ND
US Army Corps of Engineers (Omaha District):

Garrison Dam Release Schedule: Current Regulation Forecast

Missouri River Basin Daily River Bulletin

Missouri River Basin Mainstem and Tributary Reservoir Bulletin

Missouri River Basin Weekly Update

Current Water Resources Information (Fort Peck, Garrison, Oahe, Big Bend, Fort Randall, Gavins Point)

Missouri River Basin Forecast Information

News Releases (Omaha District)

News Releases (Northwestern Division)

Risk Assessment Map
The ND Water Commission has released an online flood map data viewer, North Dakota Risk Assessment Map Service.

To access the viewer: ndram.swc.nd.gov

It uses "base level engineering" that combines elevation data with advancements in modeling technology to provide information beyond what appears on standard Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) flood insurance rate maps.

This tool, designed by the Water Commission, provides a user-friendly format; users can:

  • Enter a specific address
  • Toggle between the base level engineering data and the standard flood insurance rate map data
  • View water surface elevations and flood depths
  • Dowload data
  • Print customized maps
  • Display current radar and weather warnings.

South Bismarck Flood Control Systems
Click here for larger map.
Tavis Flood Control Structure

The south Bismarck Flood Control System is comprised with a variety of structures. Click here to see how the systems function.

Burleigh County Highway Department Data
The Burleigh County Highway Department has 13 Water Gaging Stations being monitored by employees, law enforcement and local residents.

Low Water Crossings Within Burleigh County County & Township Road Systems