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Drug & Alcohol addiction rehab, treatment & recovery resources in North Dakota.

If you need help finding a rehabilitation center in North Dakota, you can use this directory to locate low-cost, quality treatment right away. Read on to find instructions for using the directory and to learn which rehabilitation centers qualify as the highest-rated, low-cost facilities in the state. More


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As parents, we have the opportunity to guide our teenagers in making positive decisions about alcohol use and using other drugs. Your teenager is starting to develop his or her own identity and balance new freedoms. With that new freedom arises more opportunities for your teen to be exposed to high-risk behavior, specifically alcohol use and other drugs. If you and your teen haven't started talking about underage drinking, we encourage you to do so. Your expectations and opinions matter to your teen, even if it doesn't always seem that way. Parents should always be asking themselves, "How can I best talk to my child about alcohol use?" More


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The program affects individuals arrested for a second or subsequent DUI occurring on or after January 1, 2008, in those counties. Judges in the South Central Judicial District will, in the case of second or subsequent DUI arrest, issue a bond order requiring the arrestee to refrain from alcohol use and to show up twice each day between certain hours at a specific location for a breath alcohol test. The individual pays $1.00 each test ($2.00 per day) to offset the costs of testing. If the individual's test registers any alcohol use then he or she is immediately taken into custody. If the arrestee fails to show for testing, bond is revoked. The court may also order remote electronic alcohol monitoring in select cases, and it may also order participation in the program as a condition of probation.


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NetSmartz has developed Internet safety presentations for use with children of all ages and adults. Educate parents and communities with slides detailing online risks, statistics, resources, and tips for keeping children safer online. Encourage tweens and teens to examine their online behavior and take steps to prevent victimization of themselves and others. Teach younger children what to watch out for on the Internet and how to avoid these risks


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The Purpose of Operation Identification
Did you know…

A burglary or theft occurs every ten seconds

Operation Identification is one basic step YOU can take to help prevent theft and aid in the recovery of stolen property

Operation Identification is a nation-wide effort of law enforcement agencies and the citizens and businesses they serve. The goal is to reduce property theft, as well as, aid in recovery of stolen property through an identification system.

Marking your possessions with an identifying number is an effective method of deterring theft. Thieves find it more difficult to dispose of stolen articles that can be traced through an owner's personal ID number. If caught with marked item, the thief can be convicted. The marked items can also be returned to the rightful owner.


Each year over 800,000 children are reported missing. What can you do to protect your students or your own children from this growing epidemic?

The Burleigh County Sheriff's Department offers free Child Identification Kits. Call 701-222-6651 for information.