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To view maps in PDF format click on the links to the left.

Our maps are in PDF format and require Adobe Reader to view.

2022 Burleigh County Road Map
Burleigh County Road Map - Front Burleigh County Road Map - Back
Front Cover Back Cover

Interactive Maps

Burleigh County Flood & Elevation Tool
Burleigh County Flood & Elevation Tool
Identify flood stage levels along Apple Creek and the Missouri River in addition to elevations, floodplains, tax parcels, road closures and water gages.
Parcel Viewer
Parcel Viewer
Locate and identify property information for tax parcels in Burleigh County in addition to elevations and zoning.
Plat Viewer
Plat Viewer
View recorded subdivision plats in Burleigh County. The recorded plats are saved as PDF documents.

Download GIS Data

Click here to download Burleigh County GIS Data.