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Hwy Dept Project Priorities

Project Priorities

The Burleigh County Highway Department has developed a project priority list for each year from 2023 to 2028 and an unfunded list. In addition, the Highway Department has a separate Gravel Road Construction Program which consists of project priorities that utilize county employees for the construction of the project.

2023_Project_Priority_List_and_Map (document)
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2024_Project_Priority_List_and_Map (document)
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2025_Project_Priority_List_and_Map (document)
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2026_Project_Priority_List_and_Map (document)
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2027_Project_Priority_List_and_Map (document)
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2028_Project_Priority_List_and_Map (document)
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Unfunded_Project_Priority_List_and_Map (document)
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Gravel_Road_Construction_Program_List_and_Map (document)
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