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Burleigh County Issues Controlled Burn Procedures

Posted on 4/6/2011

Burleigh County has issued controlled burn procedures for residents. Landowners, equipment operators and outdoor enthusiasts are requested to take proper precautions during all open burning situations:

Contact the Burleigh County Sheriff's Department before a controlled burn is started so that emergency responders are not dispatched for reports of a fire when it is a controlled burn. Be prepared to give your name, contact number, location of controlled burn, and anticipated duration of the burn. After the burning is completed and the fire is out, again contact this number to inform them of the completion.

Burleigh County Sheriff's Department: 222-6651
Controlled burns need to be physically manned and monitored at all times. Once the fire has been started, do not walk away until the fire is completely out.

Be prepared if the fire gets out of hand. Call 9-1-1 immediately and have resources available to mitigate the effects (tractor, digger, shovels, etc.).

Residents are urged to follow the precautions in the ND Rural Fire Danger Guide which lists the outdoor activity guidelines for the five fire danger indices (Low, Medium, High, Very High, and Extreme). Open burning and off-road motorized travel is prohibited when the Fire Index is in the Extreme Category.

The ND Rural Fire Danger Guide is posted on the County's website and the National Weather Service posts the daily North Dakota Fire Danger Index on their website under "Fire Weather": http://www.weather.gov/bis